International Finance, Done Differently

Transferring money overseas has never been easier. Simply select the amount you wish to transfer, exchange it in real-time at optimal market rates, and save up to 6X on fees and commissions. With Cozmo’s speedy 24 hour delivery assurance, upfront time and exchange rate guarantee, your money has never been in better hands.

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Stay in Control

With a prepaid card connected directly to the Cozmo app, you’re always in control. Choose to activate or deactivate features like contactless payments, online purchases, and ATM withdrawals at any time. You can also set spending and withdrawal limits, change your PIN number and enable international spending wherever you are and whenever you want. And if you ever lose your card, don’t worry - we’ll replace it for free.


Instant and Easy

Sharing some expenses with friends? Send and request money from any of your contacts with a single tap via the Cozmo app. Request payments and transfer funds instantly in 5 different currencies - EUR, GBP, JPY, NIS, THB, USD - anytime, anywhere. You can also manage multiple accounts in various currencies from a single application to stay on top of your funds with ease. Whether you’re home or abroad, Cozmo has everything you need to keep your finances on track.

Easy, Fast, and Transparent

Mixing currencies can be confusing business. That’s why we offer a straightforward approach to money transfers - with no fees and an exchange rate updated directly from our international trading room, you’ll always stay on top of your finances.

Fee Free

Stop spending money to spend money. At Cozmo, we don’t believe you should have to pay a fee just for having expenses. That’s why all transfers with us are 100% fee free, and completed within just 24 hours. No fees, no hassle, and no fine print. Plus with our superior exchange rates, you save up to 6x more when converting currencies so you can use your money for what really matters.


We Always Got You Covered

Few things are more important than your personal finances. That’s why our friendly customer service team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No long menus, lengthy hold times, or complicated service options - just give us a call, choose your preferred language (English, Russian, Thai, or Hebrew), and speak to a helpful representative in seconds.