About us

Cozmo Global is the Prico Group’s initiative to deliver both the accessibility of today’s hyper-connected world along with the reliability of a large financial institution to international workers around the globe. Founded in 1979, the Prico Group has developed a reputation as one of Israel’s most successful investment firms, specializing in capital investments and forex (foreign exchange) financing.

After 40 years of serving the international elite, Cozmo Global aims to make the company’s VIP financial services available to the general public. With a successful track record proven over decades, an international reputation, and billions of dollars traded monthly via its own trading room, the Prico Group is fully equipped to offer the advantages afforded by a big firm to all Cozmo users, wherever they may be found.We work 24/7 for our clients, with support available in multiple languages. The group is regulated by and meets the standards of the ISA (Israel Securities Authority).

Our management team


Joseph Fraiman

Although he is now the CEO of one of Israel’s largest investment firms (the Prico Group), Joseph Fraiman began his career as a broker for Hapoalim Bank in the 1980s. His ambition and expertise gradually led him to become trading room manager and chief dealer, where he worked in the international arena and became involved in the local capital market, joining the Financial Markets Association in the early 80s. During this time, Joseph developed his proficiency at managing exposures and financial activities at various levels, including oversight of cash flow, budgeting, risk management, and investments. He began serving as a consultant to major Israeli corporations in the late 80s, after gaining an education in economics, business administration, sciences (MSc) and law.

Joseph later rose to CEO of the Prico Group, one of Israel’s most well-known and successful investment firms. The group trades billions of dollars monthly with a proven track record in foreign exchange (forex) financing, hedging, risk management and investment management. In addition, the company develops unique software, applications, and solutions for the financial market. Cozmo is their latest project, as Mr. Fraiman saw the international community’s need for streamlined financial services and hopes to aid employers, corporations and employees in their financial endeavors, offering them the advantages afforded by a large financial firm.

Eli Kadosh

After holding a variety of senior positions at the Bank of Israel for over 30 years, Eli Kadosh has gained extensive experience and familiarity with the global economy. As former chairman of the bank’s Investment Committee, he led the institution to outstanding achievements in the business sector while representing Israel in international groups working with organizations such as the OECD and Eurostat. He has also earned a Masters in Economics and Law from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Eli now serves as the chairman of the PPM Investment Committee, the financial arm of the Prico Group which manages international investments for companies, non-profit organizations and private clients alike. Using his prolific background, Eli promotes Cozmo’s global development vis-a-vis the international market in order to make convenient international financing available to everyone, everywhere.


Dr. Beni Lauterbach

Dr. Beni Lauterbach is a finance professor and the Raymond Ackerman Family Chair in Israeli Corporate Governance at Bar Ilan University’s School of Business Administration. Professor Lauterbach holds a Ph.D. degree in finance from the University of Chicago in the USA, and has an international scientific reputation with over 60 research publications in various scientific journals. His papers study a wide range of financial topics including asset pricing, option pricing, foreign exchange rates, stock market microstructures, corporate finance and corporate governance.

In recent years, the professor has focused on Corporate Governance, and is active academically and publically in this area via the Ackerman Chair in Israeli Corporate Governance (www.israeli-corporate-governance.org). He currently serves as an external director at Massad Bank and as a member of the bank’s credit, business and audit committees. Having served in several large-scale (billions of dollars) investment boards, Dr. Lauterbach now advises and informs Cozmo Global’s general policy as well as its global administration.

International Support, Done Differently

Our diverse international customer support team is dedicated to providing the best service possible. Friendly agents are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - so don’t hesitate to give us a call whenever you need. Short hold times, no long menus, and a toll free number mean that you call us any time, without wasting any time.