International Business, Done Differently

As a business, supplying your employees’ finances is one of your top priorities, and we know how difficult it can be to make sure everyone is happy. That’s why Cozmo Business includes everything you need to streamline your financial interactions, so both you and your employees can start saving yourselves time, money, and headache.

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Stay on Top

With a consolidated interface and streamlined user experience, Cozmo makes tracking and managing your business finances easier than ever before. Automatically track every payment, review and sort past transfers, and access full transaction history. You can also filter transactions by date, amount, source or beneficiary to save you the hassle of combing through your logs. And, with a prepaid card provided by Cozmo, keeping track of your business expenses just got easier too.


Everybody Loves Payday

Unless you’re the one paying. Calculating salaries, organizing a payroll, and delivering paychecks on time can be quite the hassle - especially if your employees are on the other side of the planet. Through Cozmo, you can transfer salary payments to everyone at once, no matter where they are or what currency they’re using. You can also view past payment reports, consolidate payrolls, and set automatic payments at any time.

Happy Workers, Happy Boss

When you pay through Cozmo, everyone at work will receive their paycheck quickly, and at the same time. No need to wait for bank processing, or individual account approval - just transfer funds from the Cozmo app, and let us do the rest. Your employees will be happy to receive their paychecks early, and avoid a trip to the bank. Plus, gain access to exclusive exchange rates when you transfer more than 50k to your workers.

You Can Bank on Us

When you open a Cozmo business account, we’ll come meet you in person so that you can get all the information you need. You’ll also have a direct line to our financial department, granting you access to resources such as our trading room, financial consultants, and hedge management. As part of a multibillion-dollar investment firm, your finances have never been in safer - or more rewarding - hands.